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vocal solos from


Donna Ankney, Soprano

Richard Rotz, Accompanist


Gotta Sing...

In 2005 I started a web site to make my sheet music available free online. I had hoped to add audio files over time so that people visiting my site could hear what the pieces should sound like.

This summer (2008) when Richard said to me, "Donna, I really think we should record some of your music", I thought that I could use these recordings for my site. Richard thought I should make a CD available.

With mixed feelings I am offering this CD to anyone in the congregation who would like one. We recorded these twelve songs in about two days with two microphones and very little editing. They are not perfectly balanced or professionally mastered.

On my web site I offer the songs I've been writing for the past 15 years free o f charge with the suggestion that if one feels compelled to "pay" for the music they can do so by sending a donation to feed the hungry. I placed links to the "Food Basket", "Heifer" and "Feed the Children" for those so inclined.

Donna Ankney

Special thanks to Richard Rotz for giving of his time and talent to this project!

- Listen to or Download individual songs by clicking on the TITLE in the chart below.

-Sheet music is available for each song in this collection. Click on the X to download a pdf score.

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- Download full album LYRIC SHEET, notes, track list and album cover by clicking here.

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Sheet Music Other Voicings Available on sheetmusic page

01- How Wondrous Your Works, O Lord!


02- Breathe On Me, Breath of God


03- Who Wouldn't Weep?

2005, solo ed.2006

04- Light In the Sky


05- What If The Flower Never Bloomed?


06- Lamb of God


07- Father, Forgive Me, A Sinner

1997, ed. 2005

08- The House on the Rock


09- Consider the Lilies


10- The Strong Arm of God

1997, ed. 2005

11- Lord, Use Us Now


12- Choral Benediction (Lord, Guide These Feet)



About the "Price" of this Album or How to Make a Difference

Professional recordings cost about $.99 a song these days. Ok, so this is not professional. Still it's 12 tunes say...$10.00 for the CD? I don't really need that money, but there are so many that could benefit from it. If you found anything here that "fed" you then make a donation to your local food bank or soup kitchen or to one of the groups I have listed at "Feed the Hungry".