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Title Composer/Arranger
Lyric Sheet
Chord Chart
Sheet Music pdf files
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? (MARTYRDUM) Hugh Wilson/ lyrics Isaac Watts/ arr. Ankney
Step One: Gotta Sing Ankney
My Jesus, I Love You adapt. "My Jesus, I Love Thee"/ lyrics Featherstone/ Ankney
Step Two: Build Website Ankney
My Soul is a Witness Spiritual/ arr. Ankney
Hand of the One Ankney
Jonah! Ankney
Someday I'll Come Home Ankney
You Taught Me More Than You Know Ankney
Change Comes Ankney
Lead Me, Lord Wesley (1810-1876)/ lyrics Psalm 5:8
Step Three: I Traveled North Ankney
Sleep In Heavenly Peace Ankney
Psalm 59:16-17 from "Three Psalms of Rufuge" - Ankney



About this collection:

After retiring in 2009 from teaching music for 34 years I started plans to record a few more pieces from my website (In 2008 I put some mp3s up promising more to come) Things changed rapidly in my life and a year passed before I knew it.

Then I traveled north to "Songs of Peace and Justice", a workshop at Stony Point Center and songs suddenly got written, finished or changed. In order to share these pieces I hooked up two mics and played them straight into "Garage Band". The result is a little rough around the edges but the best I could do without an extra set of hands operating input levels.

For those of you already familiar with my music I'll warn you that these are very different. Included here you will find my first-ever actual blues, my first-ever country tune...there was even a jig that I chose not to include here.

To the SPJ crew and the staff at Stony Point I'd just like to offer my thanks for the fire you lit under me and the excellent examples of diversity in ways to sing the Lord's song. You "keep me singin', keep me dreamin'."

Blessings, Donna.


Feed the Hungry:

Professional recordings cost about $.99 a song these days. Ok, so this is not professional. Still it's 14 tunes say...$10.00 for the CD? I don't really need that money, but there are so many that could benefit from it. Make a donation to your local food bank or soup kitchen if you found anything here that fed you. Please!