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songs by Donna Ankney

1970 - 1977


"Prodigal Journey" was recorded in 1997 though the songs represent some of the pieces I wrote in my late teens and early twenties. You might recognize my influences: Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Carole King, Paul Simon, many amzing singer-songwriters of our time. Also, the Viet Nam War was in full swing during these years and you may notice my silence through the Watergate period. These were both such difficult issues for we who were both Christians and Patiots; working class kids facing adulthood after graduation.
I wrote these at the same time that I was studying "serious music" in college and during my first years of teaching. I wasn't quite sure where my music would lead me and really had no idea that I would receive a call to music ministry.
While these are all secular (except for "Living Christ In My World") I think it is obvious that they are greatly influenced by my early years in the church.

Thanks to Dan Meredith who spent three days to help me record these way back when CD burners were a new thing.
Also thanks to Gary who was so influential and supportive through the years of writing, rehearsing and recording of these songs.
All songs on this album were recorded at M.S. Studio, Warfordsburg, PA  ©1997 Donna Ankney
© 2011 Donna Ankney

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01- Cloud

September 20, 1970

02- Oh, Mourning Dove

February 11, 1971

03- Sang The Earth

February 28, 1971

04- Many Mile Passing

April 28, 1971

05- The Living Christ In My World

Summer 1971

06- Autumning

September 27, 1971

07- I Am MAN

October 15, 1971

08- William, Sweet William

November 1, 1971

09- For Joan's Birthday

December 2, 1971

10- Bow-struck

December 1971

11- "I," Cried the Blackbird

December 1971

12- Eleanor

March 7, 1972

13- Their Own Time Fades Away

September 4, 1972

14- Time Capsule

March 6, 1972

15- Bells!

Spring 1976

16- Please Touch or Wedding of A Friend

February 19, 1977


About the "Price" of this Album or How to Make a Difference

Professional recordings cost about $.99 a song these days. Ok, so this is not professional. Still it's 16 tunes say...$10.00 for the CD? I don't really need that money, but there are so many that could benefit from it. If you found anything here that "fed" you then make a donation to your local food bank or soup kitchen or to one of the groups I have listed at "Feed the Hungry".